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The Massive Benefits of Tri Axle Delivery with 7 Excavating

When it comes to taking care of your topsoil needs, you need proper services and equipment. At 7 Excavating and Paving, we fulfill the Lehigh Valley’s call in a multitude of ways, including tri axle delivery & dump trucks. We know the question that just popped in your head. Beyond what exactly a tri-axle is, this blog will discuss the importance of a tri axle dump truck for your next topsoil project and beyond.

What is a Tri Axle Dump Truck?

What separates a tri axle dump truck is the three axles that connect wheels to the vehicle. This can be a truck, trailer, or even a tractor. These three axles are brought together in the back of the vehicle, allowing it to handle heavy loads with ease with a better distribution of weight and increased support. You have most likely seen a tri axle dump truck on the road, or even as a tow truck.

Pros of a Tri Axle Dump Truck

When opting for tri-axle delivery courtesy of 7 Excavating and Paving, you can expect these benefits in your next project.

More Efficient Trips

The only thing better than completing a job is completing a job in an efficient manner. With a tri-axle in your control, enjoy a smoother trip thanks to its load-bearing capacity. And not only is it a more effective process, you also will not need to break the bank on gas, saving you money in the long run.

Versatility Beyond Topsoil

While tri-axle delivery is integral for all your topsoil needs, you can tackle more than just that. For a tri axle dump truck, you can look forward to the amazing versatility that comes with it. Have some construction materials that need to be moved? Move it with ease with a tri axle dump truck. Bulk goods in your possession? You know what to get. The aforementioned load-bearing capacity increase and support will take a load off your shoulders no matter what you are moving.

Feel Safer When Driving

For some, this might be their first time dealing with a tri axle dump truck. Compared to a dual-axle, a tri-axle gives drivers increased traction no matter the terrain. You can brush off having to traverse slippery roads or bumpy plains, as the added axle gives increased support. For those working in construction areas or climates known for inclement weather, the extra axle is right for you.

Tri Axle Delivery with 7 Excavating and Paving

As the Lehigh Valley’s premier outlet for your soil needs, 7 Excavating and Paving can take care of your next topsoil delivery. Whether you need screened or unscreened topsoil, or fill dirt, our tri axle delivery service will bring it to you with ease. 

If needed, we can also move any materials away from your job site, too. And to top it off, we can spread and level your top soil as needed. Not only do we work with commercial job sites, but 7 Excavating and Paving also provides our tri axle delivery service to residential properties for any at home projects as well.

Get in touch with us today via our contact page to learn more about our tri axle delivery service!

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